Take your house to the next level with landscaping

If thinking about selling your home, you’d be wise to spend some time on landscaping to improve its kerb appeal.

No matter how stunning the inside of your home is, if you’ve neglected your front yard it could seriously devalue your property.

Attractive and well-planned landscaping can give your property the edge over others and help win over buyers’ hearts, which is important in a competitive market.

Consider property style

Before doing anything outside you should think about the type of garden that would fit in best with the existing architectural style of your property.

Research online what suits your property style – do you have an older cottage style home suited to flower beds, or a modern home better served with a minimalist design?

Pay attention to the lawn

If you have any lawn at your property then start to bring it up to scratch as soon as you start thinking about selling, because it can take time to bring it back to life.

Start watering, mowing, weeding and doing what is required to create a thick and healthy lawn that would make your neighbours jealous.

Make a tree plan

Trees have some many benefits, but they need to be planned carefully to ensure that they don’t take over your entire yard or disturb plumbing.

When planning where to plant trees you should first consider where you would like to create privacy or shade. If you require more shade in the summertime then deciduous trees are good options because they lose their leaves and let more light in during winter months.

Opt for low-maintenance

Whatever you do to your garden, try to keep it simple. Most people want a garden that requires minimal fuss so don’t go overboard with planting or installing fancy water features. Simply aim for a garden that looks neat and tidy and requires minimal long-term upkeep.

Consider bringing in the experts

Bring in a professional landscaper who has an eye for what looks good and can tell you the most suitable plants for your yard based on climate and property size.

You can do the heavy-lifting in the garden yourself to save money but a few hours of advice can provide you with ideas that you may never have been able to come up with on your own.

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