5 simple ways to modernise our home

Wondering how you can bring your home into the year 2019? Even if your home was built last century, it can be made suitable for modern day living by making a few simple tweaks that don’t need to break the bank.

1. Try a new colour scheme

Colour has a huge impact on how a property looks and feels, meaning there’s no easier way to give a property an instant face-lift then to add a slick new coat of paint.

You can’t go wrong with light neutral colours like whites and greys for a modern look. An accent colour can work well too – however, make sure that it matches in with the home’s existing materials and décor.

2. Give the kitchen a face-lift

The kitchen is central in most homes, so any updates here will be well worth the effort.

If your current kitchen is falling apart then a brand-new one could be money well spent. However, you can make an old kitchen feel like new again with some basic cosmetic changes such as painting cabinet doors or replacing handles. New appliances can also go a long way to modernising an old kitchen too.

3. Improve storage

Modern homes have less of a tendency to have clutter lying around, simply because they have a well thought out place for everything.

If you get frustrated by piles of clutter building up in your home then try to come up with solutions such as cabinetry or shelves so that everything can be stored away when it needs to be.

4. Keep things consistent

Small details like fixtures and fittings can help pull together the styling of a home.

Try to keep things like tap-ware, door handles, light switches and outlets consistent throughout the home so that nothing detracts from the overall aesthetic.

This means that if you decide to update one item, like a fan for example, you should either keep with the same style as other fans already in the home or aim to update all of them to keep a standard look throughout the property.

5. Invest in better lighting

Clever lighting can turn an old gloomy corner into a modern statement. Table lamps or hanging pendants can add an attractive feature to a room, particularly when used well in entranceways or above dining tables or kitchen islands. Test warm vs cool lights to ensure you have a good balance of practicality as well as a pleasing aesthetic.

Modern homes also tend to have options when it comes to lighting. Rather than having just one light to service an entire room, many homes now embrace multiple light fixtures, so think about the different activities that take place in a room and allow for lighting that can be easily adjusted to suit.

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