Pay Attention to these things on your Property Hunt (because a lot of people don’t)

Looking to buy a home now or in the near future? Start your house-hunting journey with a clear plan in mind.

Think about the type of property you want, and where it should be located, along with things like bedroom sizes and finding a space for the kids to run around outside.

You’ll likely end up with a long list of property wants and needs, but make sure you don’t forget to consider things a lot of people don’t:

The neighbourhood

Check out things like traffic, noise and neighbours. They’ll have an impact on your enjoyment of a property once you move in. If you want to be close to a good cup of coffee, check out the local cafes and shopping precincts.

If you use local public transport or prefer to commute on foot or pedal, are there ample footpaths or bike paths around? Those with kids will also want to ensure there is access to good schools and places kids can enjoy.

The floor plan

You may have been dazzled by an open home you visited on the weekend, but did you pay attention to the types of rooms that it had, what sizes they were and how they fit together?

Unlike things like paint colours and door handles, floor plans can be tricky to change, so you want to make sure a property is practical for your use.

Settling for something that doesn’t quite work for your situation can result in expensive renovations, which in reality often take longer than expected to start and complete.

Where you’ll park

Because a lot of people that turn up to open homes tend to park on the street, and not at the property itself, they may not pay attention to where they can park.

Whether needing a garage, a carport or if street parking is OK, check that those spaces can comfortably accommodate vehicles, bikes, boats, vans, trailers and other storage requirements.

City-dwellers may also want to check parking zone restrictions as well.

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