Pros and Cons of Renting a Furnished Property

If you’re thinking about moving to a new town or city without moving your current furniture, you may be considering the option of renting a home that is already furnished.

Furnished properties can be ideal for those who want the flexibility of not owning any furniture, or who only want to rent for a short period. It can sometimes be more financially viable to store furniture if only moving for a short period of 3 or 6 months.

How do you know if a furnished rental property is right for you? And have you considered the pros and cons?


– You don’t need to move bulky furniture, potentially saving you from the expense of removalists or having to enlist the help of friends when moving.

– Your time-frame may be much more flexible because your packing and moving will be less time consuming.

– A furnished property means that you’ll have little to no expensive outlays. If you have no furniture, it can be expansive and cumbersome sourcing furniture to fill a non-furnished rental property. Leasing a furnished rental could be a good short-term option, at the least, to help you save up for your own furniture.


– Depending on the market, the rent for a furnished property can be higher. Compare furnished vs non-furnished properties, and weigh up the long term difference. Additionally, costs could escalate if you’re looking for newer, more modern or stylish furniture packages.

– Without having a say in the styling of furnishings, your new rental property may not reflect your personal tastes. You may have to decorate the property to a degree, to enhance your own style and make it a home.

– Furnished properties are often harder to come by. Owners may feel they’re taking a bigger risk when furnishing their property for tenants, and in some areas, furnished properties can be very popular. If a furnished property is what you need, you will need to be diligent in knowing when new rental properties come onto the market, and have your application ready to go.

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