Is it a Good Idea to Move Far Away from Where You Work?

Whether it’s for a tree escape, lifestyle choice or to save on housing costs, many Australians are tempted to move away from where they work (which is often located in the inner-city or town centre) to get the home they want.

Living far away from your place of work can have many benefits and undoubtedly some drawbacks too. Things to consider include:

Commute – Your daily commute will have a big impact on your life so it’s well worth figuring out how you will get to work each day before making your home purchase.

Research public transport options, timetables, peak hour traffic conditions, parking availability and compare costs for viable options, both monetary and the time it will take commuting.

Commuting longer distances may require overnight or weekday accommodation away from home too and these may impact your finances, family life and social life.

Workplace flexibility – If you plan on living a considerable distance from your place of work, look into your company’s policies for flexible work arrangements.

An increasing number of workplaces are providing flexible start times or work from home options, which can make it much easier to live long distances from work.

Family needs – People with kids will have the added consideration of day care and schooling to think about when making a new home purchase. Most areas have child-minding options around for parents that need to start their days early or finish late.

Pets can often be overlooked when living far away from work, but consider their needs for care, including socialisation, exercise, play and feeding.

While it’s not always easy to juggle work and life, living away from the urban rush may offer lifestyle benefits that can’t be beaten.

Things move more slowly in rural areas and this can be great for the soul. Having space for children to grow and experience nature is also terrific for family culture and dynamic.

Everybody’s work situation is different so only you will know how far away from your work is practical to live, but weigh up the realistic options, and you could find yourself in a whole new world, living in the home of your dreams!

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