How to Reduce Your Heating Needs this Winter

Tempted to reach for the heater as the temperatures start to drop?

Cooler weather tends to lead to a big spike in most people’s home energy bills, not only from the heating systems they use but also from things like extra hot water consumption and cooking.

Here are some valuable tips on keeping costs down this winter:

• Shorten showers – Hot water is a big source of energy usage in the home, so the less you use the more you will save. Some Hot Water Systems have energy saving features that can help keep costs down, but if you’re one for lingering, have a soft towel and dressing gown ready so you’re more likely to want to get out in a timely manner.

• Know when to open curtains – Open curtains during the day to make the most of the best free heat source around – the sun! Remember to close curtains at night to keep warmth from escaping.

• Turn down the thermostat – Its recommended that thermostats are kept at a temperature of 18°C to 20°C during winter, with each degree higher increasing energy consumption by about 5% to 10%.

• Keep your feet and head warm – This is where most body heat is lost. Placing rugs over floorboards or tiles can insulate, and wearing warm clothes, socks and slippers can make you that much cosier.

• Seal up gaps – Prevent cold drafts by sealing around windows and doors. Door snakes can be handy for under doors, or rolled towels if you don’t want to buy extra goods.

• Use fewer rooms – When using heaters, try to concentrate on just a room or two and close off doors to rooms that aren’t in use.

• Get out the blankets – Aim to keep the person warm, not the room. Flanelette sheets, additional bedding, blankets on the couch, whatever it is, it’s you that wants the warmth, not the wall clock or kitchen sink!

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