Buying a Heritage Home?

While some home buyers are on the hunt for a modern-day McMansion they can move right into and enjoy, others dream of nothing else but an older-style home with unique character and history.

Australia has a lot of beautiful heritage properties that are highly sought after by buyers. If you’re looking to buy a heritage home, here are long-term considerations to take into account.

Keeping up appearances

Heritage homes may stand the test of time, so depending on the state it’s in when you purchase it, consider the maintenance work involved in restoring and/or preserving it.

A building and pest inspection is a must prior to purchasing a heritage home and checking in with the local council or state register to find out about is any obligatory upkeep is recommended.

Marrying the old and the new

The romance of updating a heritage-listed property makes us visualise the gorgeous and immaculate grand result. By taking time to marry up modern practicality with heritage style you can give yourself the best of both worlds. Be sure to assess the state of things like wiring, plumbing, fittings and fixtures, considering the preservation of the home whilst ensuring everything complements the original appearance of the home.

Local councils often have the ability to provide details on what you can do and what you will need to get permission for. In a lot of cases you won’t be able to change what you can see from the street, but you may have a lot more freedom about what can happen inside the building.

If you plan on doing extensive renovations it’s a good idea to talk to a heritage consultant, a builder or an architect who has experience with older properties. Renovating a heritage home is very different to renovating a contemporary home and the long-term benefits of having someone experienced who knows how to modernise a heritage home while respecting its original design and style will be worthwhile.

Leaving behind a legacy

Owning a piece of Australian history will never go out of fashion. Heritage homes are highly coveted meaning that these types of properties often hold their value well, particularly if they have already been renovated and modernised.

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