5 Tips for the Perfect Autumn Open Home

Everyone knows that spring is a popular season for selling property, but autumn can prove to be just as fruitful.

Similar to spring, autumn is a season with temperate weather conditions across most of Australia. Gardens can look picturesque and open homes aren’t as hampered by big storms or heat waves.

Being at the start of the year, autumn also sees people putting New Year’s resolutions into action. Sellers may benefit from our 5 top tips to having the best Open Home this Autumn:

  1. Maintenance: Property issues may stand out more depending on the season. In autumn you may need to fix up gaps around windows or doors that will let drafts in. Flaking paint, mould, broken lights, uneven pavers and more can detract from your home’s charm if not tended to. Leaves can also be unsightly, so it’s wise to clean gutters and drains.
  2. Street Appeal: Autumn’s rich golden tones and falling leaves can make for striking front gardens, or they can leave a home looking a little bare. Take photos from the street to see obvious improvements you can make to the property’s kerb appeal.

Colourful new autumn plants will make your front garden shine, or you may simply need to do a bit of a tidy up of fallen foliage.

  1. Let there be Light: As days shorten, lighting becomes increasingly important. Ensure doors and windows allow natural light into the property. For particularly dark rooms, consider repainting in lighter colours or adding feature lamps to style the room if needed.
  2. Add Seasonal Accents: As seasons change pack away summery gear and bring out cosy autumn items such as throws and rugs. You may also want to add in some decorative items with autumn colours like burnt reds or oranges, or play up greens to conjure up a sense of nature. Avoid clutter or over-styling the property.
  3. Get the temperature right: Autumn weather can be unpredictable. By assessing the comfort level at the property on the day of an open home, either through the use of open windows, heaters, fans or air-conditioners, potential buyers will feel at home.

With the right agent, sellers should be able to make the most of any season by preparing their property to suit the climate and environment they’re in. Paying attention to small details that mightn’t be important to you as a homeowner, can make all the difference to potential buyers and shouldn’t be ignored. Contact us today if you’re thinking of selling this autumn and we can guide you through the selling journey.

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