Do your renovations require Council approval?

Planning renovations on your property?

No matter how big or small they may be you should always check whether or not you need Council approval.

Your first step in finding out if approval is required is getting in touch with your local Council directly, as building rules differ from region to region. So do approval time frames.

Some small or low-lying structures like decks or carports may not require approval but you should always check if you want to prevent having any issues down the track.

If you do require Council approval on your renovations then there are a few things your Council may consider. These may include:

  • Neighbours – Anyone can make a public submission on your proposal, which the Council will take into account and may affect your development going forward.
  • Environment – Any possible environmental impacts from new developments will need to be addressed and deliberated by Council.
  • Local area impact – Councils need to assess how a development could impact the local area in terms of increasing local traffic or affecting property prices.
  • Zoning – Certain Council overlays may dictate what kinds of development can be done in particular areas. Bushfire or flood zoning is an example of this, as is heritage conservation.

These are just some aspects to be aware of. Be sure to talk to your local Council and they will be able to give you advice on how you can proceed with your plans.

It’s better to get the necessary approvals not only from a safety aspect, but uncertified renovations can also create havoc when it comes time to sell the property.

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