5 easy ways to boost your home’s value!

There’s no need to spend thousands on expensive renovations to increase the value of your home.

While a new kitchen or bathroom can be a great way to make your property appealing, there are a number of smaller projects you can do that can be just as effective at improving your property’s appearance and increasing its end price too.

  1. Change your colour scheme – A fresh coat of paint on both the inside and outside of a property can make a big difference to its appearance, but just make sure you choose your colours wisely.

Light colours can work wonders on making rooms feel bigger and brighter, while darker colours can also be useful when you want to make a room feel more moody.

Choosing a colour can be difficult so it can be a good investment to choose a colour expert to help you find colours that will best suit your particular property.

  1. Install new window treatments – Old or daggy window treatments can let down an otherwise attractive property.

Unless you’re trying to make a dramatic statement, it’s best if window treatments blend into the background while doing what they need to do – i.e. blocking out light, retaining privacy or framing a view.

Choose window treatments that suit the colours and style of your property and remember to keep your choices consistent throughout the home.

  1. Update the floors – Hardwood floors are a popular option and are well worth restoring if they are old and scratched or hiding behind daggy carpet.

If you have cracked or out-dated tiles, then a suitable laminate option installed on top may be a good look, or a new carpet depending on the room.

  1. Clean up gardens – Kerb appeal is important and that’s why a well-landscaped garden is likely to have a big influence on a property’s value.

A little work outside can go a long way. Make sure lawns are mowed often and paths and driveways are kept clear. Talk to the experts at your local garden nursery for help finding plants that are suitable for your property.

  1. Update lighting – Try to make sure that there is enough lighting in each room so that it doesn’t feel too dark. Down-lights are a great option for most rooms and blend in well, however you might like to use feature lighting to make a dramatic statement in rooms such as the entrance, living or dining room.

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