5 ways to Winter-proof your home!

Just as we change what we wear each season, it’s important that we change our homes too. Now that the cool weather is upon us we need to think about how to keep them warm and toasty while avoiding spending too much on heating. To keep your home as warm and cosy as possible in winter, here are a few simple tasks to complete.


1. Seal up gaps – Check around windows and doors for any gaps or cracks that could let the cold air into the house. Even the smallest draft can prevent your home from staying warm so ensure you get out the caulking and weather stripping to keep your home as air tight as possible.
2. Tune up the heater – To keep your heater running as efficiently as it can it’s a good idea to call in a qualified technician. Take a look at your manufacturer’s instructions to find out how often your heater should be serviced or cleaned.
3. Get out the winter woollies – You’ve probably gotten out your jumpers and winter blankets in preparation for the season but you might like to bring out the warm gear for your house too. Things like heavy curtains and floor rugs will help keep rooms warmer and act as a further barrier against any cold drafts.
4. Consider installing insulation – Insulation has a lot of benefits and keeping homes warmer in winter is one of them. Install
insulation in the ceiling for warming benefits, as this is where a lot of heat will escape.
5. Spend time in the kitchen – Winter is a great time to get into the kitchen and cook up some delicious oven-baked meals. A warm home cooked meal will not only warm you up from the inside, but it will get warm air circulating throughout your home.

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