Tips To Improve Your Property Valuation!

A property valuation is extremely important if you’re looking to refinance your existing home loan or apply for a new home loan. Your valuation will be used to determine how much collateral you have to offer against your new loan.

So what can you do to get the best valuation possible?

Pay attention to property presentation – To ensure a valuer gets a good impression of your property you should aim to present it at it’s absolute best. This means you should take the time to clean, declutter and make any property repairs.

Provide floor plans – Floor plans can be useful for a valuer and will save them having to measure up a property themselves. Floor plans are also handy to have on hand as they can be used to highlight a great layout and will make sure that the valuer takes every inch of the property into account.

Mention renovations or exceptional property features – A valuer may not realise that a property has been recently renovated unless it is pointed out. Any changes to a property since it was last purchased may add significantly to its value. Similarly, it’s also worth pointing out any property features that aren’t particularly obvious, such as underfloor heating or solar power.

Take note of recent local sales – It may take some time before recent sales show up on a valuer’s database. If you know of any sales nearby it is worth mentioning them, particularly if the properties were sold for a high price.

Meet the valuer at the inspection – By being on hand at a valuer’s inspection you can put your best case forward and showcase any property features that you think the valuer may not notice on their own.

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