Should you use a property stylist?

We all know that first impressions count when it comes to selling property, but how far should you go to help ensure your property “wows” buyers? The answer for an increasing number of sellers is to enlist the help of a property stylist – someone who is an expert at picking the right furniture and décor to make a property as appealing as possible.

What does a property stylist do?

Property stylists use a wide range of presentation and design techniques to make a property more attractive to its targeted group of buyers. In some cases styling may require the provision of furniture for an entire home, however that’s not always the case. Property stylists can also simply offer advice, or rearrange an owner’s existing furniture and add a couple of décor items.

Every property is different and will require a different level of styling to suit the situation.

What are the benefits of property styling?

A lot of people might question whether something as simple as furniture can influence a buyer’s decision, after all a buyer is purchasing the property and not the furnishings inside.

However you’d be surprised at the difference that professional styling can make and the emotional connection it can create with buyers. While some people may be able to look past furniture and see what they can do within the walls of a property, others need a little help to see its full potential.

Property styling helps set the scene and indeed this can help improve a property’s sale price and reduce the time it spends on the market.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of buyers get their first glimpse of a property online, and professional styling can help make a property look more enticing so that buyers make the effort to visit in the first place.

A few more benefits of professional property styling include:

  • Fills an empty property
  • Targets specific buying demographics
  • Helps buyers visualise how to use tricky floor plans
  • Makes a property appear more modern or stylish
  • Differentiates a property from similar properties on the market

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