Property improvements to keep your home cool!

Heatwaves are no fun and as Australia gears up for another hot summer homeowners have been left wondering what can be done to help keep their homes cool.

It’s best to start planning any property improvements before being in the midst of summer. The sooner you start planning the better the chance you will have of being able to enjoy a cool and relaxing property when the mercury rises.

Invest in air-conditioning – Whilst not the cheapest option, air-conditioning is one of the most popular ways to keep a home cool, and there are many home purchasers who won’t consider a property without it.

Air-conditioning can be a significant investment but it can help add value to your home. Find an energy efficient air-conditioning system for your property if you want to keep your electricity bills down.

If you already have air-conditioning you can keep running costs to a minimum by setting the temperature to 25-27 degrees Celsius on hot days, as every extra degree of cooling increases energy consumption by about 5-10 per cent.

Block out the sun – Sunlight will warm a home substantially so the best way to prevent this is by using shades, awnings or quality window treatments. Tinted windows and glass doors may also be a suitable option.

Those worried about blocking out views should opt for sheer curtains or blinds that will filter out some of the light whilst still allowing you to see through them.

Install insulation – Insulation provides an extra barrier against the elements, helping to prevent the heat from penetrating inside your home.

Installation can be installed in roofs, walls and floors. It is easiest to install insulation when building a home so it you’re renovating anyway it’s a good time to consider whether your home would benefit from added insulation.

Add ceiling fans – Ceiling fans are a fantastic choice for bedrooms, living areas and outdoor entertaining spaces and tend to have lower running costs than air-conditioning.

Ceiling fans can help add value to a property and some people may prefer them to air-conditioning due to the lower costs to install and run and the fact that you don’t need to close windows and doors when they’re in use.

Plant more trees – Trees and shrubs around a property help add an extra barrier against the sun. You might not get instant rewards from planting new trees, however as they grow taller they will become an attractive feature that will provide your home and yard with added shade for years to come.

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