Looking to sell? Should you get in before Christmas?

As December rapidly approaches, those thinking about selling should consider whether or not they want to sell before the Christmas and New Year holiday season begins.

It takes time to prepare

A lot of sellers underestimate the time it can take to get a property ready for sale. Before selling you potentially need to spend time on renovations and repairs, de-cluttering, cleaning, styling and creating a marketing plan.

All of these things take time and depending on your property and how much there is to do it could take weeks or even months to get it in an optimal selling condition.

This means that if you were hoping to sell your home before the end of the spring selling season you will need to get a move on, otherwise you may find yourself selling over Christmas and New Year… or perhaps waiting until well into next year.

Should you sell over the holidays?

Some sellers may choose to avoid the property market over holiday periods, but it’s important to keep in mind that the property market never sleeps.

If you’re ready to sell in December or January you can still achieve a fantastic sales result. In fact, in some areas it can be better to sell over the holiday period as there is less selling competition around, meaning there will be more buyers vying for each property.

Chat to a property expert now

Whether you’re thinking about selling now or months down the track it is well worth talking to a property expert as soon as possible so you are well prepared for your sale.

A property expert can provide crucial advice regarding what can be done at your property to achieve the maximum selling price and will help you figure out the best time to sell based on local market demand and your own circumstances.

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