Spring into the Spring selling season!

The spring selling season usually proves to be a busy time for the property market with homeowners sprucing up their properties ready for sale, and buyers spending hours hitting the pavement on the hunt for the perfect property. If you plan to be one of the many Australians buying or selling in the spring season we have some tips to help you get the edge over your competition.


  1. Clean and de-clutter –

A property needs to be presented at its absolute best if it hopes to achieve the highest sale price possible. This means that sellers need to make the effort to thoroughly clean their property inside and out and reduce clutter so that rooms look more spacious. Consider hiring a professional cleaner to help make your property look extra spotless and to save yourself some time.

  1. Repair –

Any outstanding issues with the property should be fixed before the property hits the market. Buyers often overestimate the cost to fix any problems with a property, whether it’s a leaking tap, a broken light or something more serious, so it’s best to deal with them as soon as you decide to sell.

  1. Stage –

When it comes to styling your home for sale, try to keep it simple. Use light, neutral colours with a statement pieces mixed in. A professional staging service can help take your property to the next level and help buyers visualise the full potential of each space.

  1. Chat to a Professionals agent –

It’s best to talk to your real estate agent as early in the selling process as possible to get appropriate and up-to-date tips and advice.



  1. Get finances in order –

Find out what you can afford or how much you need to save so you can be confident in your buying abilities when you’re ready to start looking at properties. Talk to lenders and banks about your financial options and get pre-approval before looking at making of offers.

  1. Research the market –

Knowledge is power when it comes to property. Thoroughly research the area you want to buy in and get to know what different types of properties are selling for.

  1. Visit open homes –

Visit as many open homes as you can so you can get a good idea of what is on the market and to get to know the property features you do and don’t like. Open homes also give you a chance to talk to local real estate agents and get local market knowledge.

  1. Move fast –

When you find “the one” you need to be ready to make your move. Waiting a few days, or even a few hours, could be all it takes for someone else to snatch up the property you want, so don’t delay.

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