Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell

Winter is one of the most underrated seasons for selling property. While it is often associated with a “cooler” selling market, it can be one of the best seasons for sellers due to there generally being less housing stock on the market – which means less competition!

Many sellers choose to hold off on selling until the spring market hits, but they may miss out on an active buying market in winter that has limited supply to choose from.

Buyers are eager and looking for properties all year round, and are less effected by the weather than they may be in colder climates. People are still willing to travel around and look at properties in Australian winters, as opposed to winter in the northern hemisphere, and some find it frustrating that there is less stock on the market than at other times of the year.

This may mean that they are more willing to compromise on their property choices and may even be willing to pay more to secure the home they want. This means that selling in winter might not just increase your chances of selling quicker, but it could also increase your negotiation power and your end price too.

A few tips to help you sell faster in winter:

– Show off warm home features such as heating or a fireplace

– Ensure your home isn’t too dark

– Make the home feel cosy by adding throws and rugs

– Keep the home clean and tidy

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