10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter!

With the temperature starting to drop, it’s time to start thinking about how your home is going to stand up to the colder weather. Get a jump start on home maintenance chores now so your ready long before those freezing cold temperatures arrive.


  1. Check the house for gaps

Look around windows and doors to see if there are any gaps that could be letting cold drafts into the house. Seal any gaps with caulking and weather stripping.

  1. Clear out gutters

Blocked gutters can lead to drainage issues and roof damage. Clear out gutters before winter hits so you don’t have issues later on.

  1. Consider insulation

Insulation can cut your heating costs significantly by helping your home retain heat.

  1. Consider your heating needs

There are plenty of home heating options on the market these days with different levels of heating efficiency. When making your choice, consider your climate, how big a system you will need and what will be the most energy efficient in the long run.

  1. Inspect your current heating

Before using your heater or fireplace it’s a good idea to bring a professional in to have it serviced or, if you know what you’re doing, check it yourself to make sure it is clean and safe to use.

  1. Warm up the outdoors

Want to spend your winter outdoors? If so you can make it warmer by investing in an outdoor heating solution. A patio heater, tabletop heater or chiminea are all options worth considering.

  1. Swap out bedding

Get your warm weather gear out of the closet now and makes sure it’s clean so you’re not rummaging for it when you really need it.

  1. Tidy up outdoors

You probably won’t be using your pool toys or outdoor grill much over winter. Pack away or cover gear that’s unlikely to be used in winter to help keep it in good condition for longer.

  1. Make room in your garage

Those freezing winter winds can wreak havoc on your car. To keep it safe and in good condition find room in your garage so you don’t need to leave it out among the elements.

  1. Check smoke alarms

More home fires tend to occur in winter so make sure that smoke alarms have been installed and are in working order.

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