Easy Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

After a hot summer, many households have been stung with ridiculously high-energy bills.

To prevent the same fate for winter, or just to make your home a little more eco-friendly, it’s worth making a couple of easy changes.


Choose energy-efficient appliances – Dishwashers, fridges and other types of home appliances can all be big energy guzzlers, so the more energy efficient the better.

These items can be expensive to replace so it’s best to make the investment whenever you need to buy a new household product. Look out for an appliance’s energy star rating to see whether it will be energy efficient.

It also pays to reconsider whether you really need to use some appliances (e.g. dryers) and to remember to turn things off at the wall when they’re not in use.

Consider solar options – Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun to create electricity for your home. While solar power systems can be an expensive investment, they can provide energy savings for years to come and help you reduce your reliance on the mains electricity grid.

Turn off the air-conditioner/heater – Air-conditioners and heaters are essential during extreme weather but they’re also the biggest culprits when it comes to energy use. The less you use them the smaller your power bill will be. If you need to use them, restrict them to smaller areas so you don’t need to heat or cool as much space.

Switch to LED lights – LED light bulbs use approximately 70 per cent less energy than conventional light bulbs. It’s well worth making the switch if you haven’t already, or at least consider them when you need to replace an old light.

To further cut back on your energy use, turn off lights when leaving a room and find ways to let more natural light into your house.

Seal up gaps – The reason that a lot of homes get too warm or cool is because of gaps around windows and doors that let the outside air in. To plug air leaks use weather stripping around your doors and caulk around windows.

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