5 Features That Help Sell Homes

Wondering if your property will be desirable to today’s buyers? Looking to renovate and aren’t sure what features to include?


When it comes to selling properties there are a number of things that buyers will consider, but there are some features in particular that will always stand out.

  1. Updated kitchens and bathrooms Modern kitchens and bathrooms are big property draw-cards. These rooms can be expensive and time-consuming to renovate and a lot of buyers don’t want the hassle. They want everything already done for them. New kitchens and bathrooms can help make an older home feel more modern and comfortable.
  2. Large master suites With kids staying at home longer, many parents want space where they can get away and have their own privacy. Large master suites are very popular especially when they include an ensuite and a walk-in-robe and/or a parent retreat.
  3. Open floor plans The days of segregated rooms are over, with many buyers preferring large open plan living areas. The ideal for many is to have the kitchen overlooking the dining and living areas so people can entertain and interact with their family or guests while they cook.
  4. Smart tech features Technology in the home is becoming increasingly important. Some features that will get noticed include irrigation systems, key-less entry, security cameras, temperature control and anything else that helps make modern-day living easier. Energy efficient appliances and solar panels are also popular.
  5. Attractive outdoor areas People love to spend time outdoors and will look for space outside to cook, entertain, or even just grow some vegies. Outdoor spaces that are neat and functional can provide a major selling point for a home.

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