Transition A Summer Garden To Autumn

We need to pay special attention to our gardens as the cooler weather sets in. If you want to ensure your garden continues to flourish until summer comes around again then ensure you follow the below tips:

– The temperate weather makes autumn a great season for planting new trees. Consider a feature tree that will add a bit of colour, shade or privacy to your property.

– Some of your favourite summer flowers might be starting to fade by now, but you can bring colour back into your garden by finding flowers that will flourish in the milder temperatures such as Autumn Daisies or Orchids.

– Fallen autumn leaves may look romantic but they can kill grass or plants underneath if they aren’t dealt with swiftly. Rake them up as soon as you can so you don’t end up with more leaves than garden.

– Prune any sick or struggling plants now because they are unlikely to survive when the weather gets cooler.

– If your lawn is the one struggling, try to bring it back to life now while there is still a decent amount of sun. Help it along by adding some lawn food and watering regularly.

– If you’ve been thinking about getting a landscaper in, now is the time to do it because they normally have more availability in the cooler months, and the cooler weather provides betterconditions for them to work in.

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