Make Your Property Stand Out In Autumn!

Autumn is a great time to sell property. As the weather starts to cool down, gardens start to flourish in shades of gold and amber making it easy for buyers to fall in love with the properties they see. To help add even more appeal to your home, here are some ideas:



Get into the garden

With autumn leaves falling everywhere, you’ll need to spend a bit of time clearing them away from footpaths and driveways before inspections. Also take some time to trim any hedges, prune flowers and mow the lawns.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Painting both the exterior and interior of a house can help make it look fresh and new again. Choose light, neutral colours for interiors to help brighten up the space. For the exterior, look at your neighbour’s homes and ensure you pick colours that fit in with the streetscape.

Clean and de-clutter

Making your house sparkle inside and out is one of the best things you can do to help prepare it for sale. For that extra bit of shine and attention it can be worth bringing professional cleaners in, especially if you have stained carpets or curtains.

Create the right ambience

Set the right mood for your property inspections by creating a bit of ambience through things like flowers or furnishings. If you need help with staging your property then call in expert property stagers for advice.

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