A popular New Year’s resolution is to start a new home renovation project and for this reason builders and tradespeople tend to be very busy in the first few months of the year, however a  lot of people choose to go down the DIY road too.

Undertaking your own renovations can be a great way to save money, but it’s important to be well aware of your capabilities and any risks involved. Renovating may look easy on renovations shows, but the reality can be very different and homeowners should only attempt work they’re 100% confident they can do safely.
Don’t start hammering or knocking down walls if you haven’t done any prior research on what  you’re doing. By doing this you could risk harming yourself or your family, and you might  actually end up causing more damage than you started with.
A few questions to ask yourself before starting a DIY project

– Will there be significant savings in doing it yourself versus hiring a qualified professional?
– Do you have the time needed to see the project through to completion?
– Are you confident in your abilities and do you have the skills needed?
– Are you aware of the risks involved?
– Do you have the right tools?
– Have you discussed the project with professionals?
The above are just some questions to consider before embarking on a new project. At the very least it is worth talking to a professional to get an idea of any legal requirements and to ask questions so you completely understand the scope of work involved. Overall, the DIY approach  can be a cost effective option for particular home projects, however it’s always worth assessing the risks involved, as well as your capabilities, and talking to the pros to help you decide what  the right choice is for you and your home.

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