There’s no need to suffer through another summer heat wave at home. If your home has been uncomfortably warm all summer long, there are a number of changes you can make to help  turn it into a cool retreat.
Tips for cooling your house in summer:


Invest in air-conditioning
In some Australian climates air-conditioning is almost mandatory and may be the only way to truly avoid the summer’s extreme heat. Some people are deterred by the cost of  air-conditioning however it can help add to your home’s value and it will be an appealing asset if you decide to sell. To keep air-conditioning costs to a minimum, set the temperature to 25-27 degrees Celsius on hot days, as every extra degree of cooling increases energy consumption by about five to ten percent.
Install shades and awnings
The less the sun can penetrate into your home on hot days, the cooler it’s likely to be. You’ll notice a significant difference in temperature by installing shades and awnings over windows, particularly those facing the north and west of the house. Another way to help keep your home cool is to plant lots of trees and plants around the home as they help act like a layer of insulation.
Plant more trees
Plant a tree now and you can get shades for years to come. Trees help act as a natural barrier against the sun and will help reduce your summer electricity bill. Consider deciduous trees if you want to let the sun through in winter.
Get your house insulated
Insulation is a very worthwhile investment and like many of the strategies listed above it will help act as a barrier against the sun, which helps prevent your home from heating up.
Install fans in high use rooms
Fans are great at providing relief from the heat and can be a cost-effective cooling option when air-conditioning isn’t called for. Portable fans are also a good option if you’re looking for a quick fix or if you are renting.

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