Five cheap ways to follow home trends!



Home design trends are changing faster than ever have before and sometimes it can seem that as soon you catch on to a trend, the next one has already come along. So how can you keep your home looking fresh and modern without spending a fortune every season?

1. Make your own art
Nothing will make your home feel more unique than being surrounded by your own artistic creations. Don’t worry if you’re not particularly creative. A great work of art can be as simple as a framed drawing from one of your kids, or a few splashes of your favourite colour on a canvas. A collection of photos can also make for a great display and can add a bit of colour and life to a room.
2. Reuse and recycle
You might already own some amazing furniture and decorative items – you just don’t know it yet. Old furniture like tables and chairs can take on a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Similarly, you might find some old pots or jars that could double as interesting plant holders around the home. Take a look around and see if there’s anything that could be repurposed to help update your home.
3. Just add a couple of accents
There’s no need to replace everything you own every season. Keeping up with home trends can be as easy as adding a new rug or a couple of new cushion covers. Don’t overdo it and just pick out a couple of key trend pieces that will make a big impact.
4. Choose inexpensive products
Both cheap and expensive products can look great around the home, so don’t think you need to limit yourself to fancy brands. While you shouldn’t scrimp on quality for major items like couches, you can get away with lower quality materials for items that don’t get handled too often and are simply decorative. Give yourself a makeover budget and try to find small inexpensive items that can jazz up your home without putting too much of a dent in your bank balance.
5. Forget the trends
While it’s nice to stay up-to-date with all of the latest home design trends, what’s more important is living in a home that you love. So forget what’s featuring in the magazines or on Pinterest boards and create a home full of your own individual style.
Property is all about location, location, location, however it’s much easier to fall in love with a home that looks all shiny and new.

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