RUN100 – Raising Money & Awareness for Ovarian Cancer!

pageFriday night – 14th March I was lucky enough to witness Jeff Brennan from High Perfomance Gym run 100 kms from Echuca to Bendigo. Jeff left Echuca at 6.00 am in the morning and ran 9 km 1st around Echuca, then 91 km straight to Bendigo. My involvement came about by dropping off 2 good friends Michelle Burke & Helen Kavangh to run the last 25 kms with him to Bendigo. I dropped them off at the bend before the railway line in the middle of somewhere, & off they ran with him. Jeff also had his beautiful wife, Carly & a great mate with him as support to give him water & food along the way. I dropped them off at 4.30 pm, from here it was hot & the late afternoon sun was beaming down. I waited for them at the Huntly sign, Jeff was struggling with cramping & pain, but he kept going. He was due to enter the Chinese Gardens at 6.15 pm for an Ovarian Cancer Night, but knew by about 5.30 pm this was going to be later than that. After a 15 minute break at Epsom Recretation Reserve, a few of us told him to get in the car & we would drive him into a bit closer – mainly me & Carly but the others said, no run it, & his mind being so strong with Jeff having the goal of running 100 kms getting in the car was not an option. Helen & Michelle also agreed keep going. So off he took again, the next 9 kms into Bendigo was hard with fatigue & very emotional for all around him, seeing him in so much pain was so difficult, but he was there to do it & he was not going to fail. Going past the Botanical Gardens Hotel I ran in & got about 8 patrons out of the bar to wish them all the best, thanks to those guys you were awesome & appreciate your banter to them all. From here it was getting harder, the final stop & drink station was at the Weeroona College, he was so close & the support from Carly his wife, who was now running with him along with Michelle, Helen & his mate, who I unfortunately don’t know his name. They were great support & then my husband Bert who has run marathons, gave his some inspirational support to keep going as he was only 5 large blocks away. I was so in awe of the pain he was in and struggling to keep the tears from pouring down my eyes, for a man to do this for all women – women he knows & to all those effected & all those he doesn’t know is just amazing and I struggle to find words to express how I feel. Anyway its now about 8.20 pm, & getting so close, he keeps going & now, so close to the finish line,he runs the last bit, past the Lake, past St. Killians & then his kids join him & they run the last block together. To see them all come into the Chinese Gardens is just breathtaking & I am just so relieved & happy for him to finish. He got an amazing applause from the 100 people at the Chinese Gardens Event & he deserved every bit of it! Well done Jeff you were inspirational the whole way, you never gave in. Your 2 wingmen on your side, I am sure, kept you going for the last 25 kms & to have your wife & kids by your side at the finish says it all. Very proud to have been at this event, as was my husband Bert, it really shows some inner strength, dedication & will power. Well done & so proud of you.       Jacinta.

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